Roofing’s best tool for managing service

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Everything you need to manage and grow through service now on a user-friendly, upgraded app

The app will walk you through the entire service. Once service is complete, you can automatically send your client the invoice and have them pay on the spot.

Work on or offline through the mobile app. The data will automatically transmit when you return to Wifi.

Easily schedule service work within Centerpoint Connect.

Organize and edit service tickets for each property. Tickets are organized by ID numbers and the stages will update automatically from the point of travel to identifying the issue, servicing the repair and invoicing.

Clock in and out on each ticket and provide an ETA by clicking the “on my way” tab. You can also add a helper to track their time for the same ticket.

The App for Service Techs

The Centerpoint Connect App is specifically for Service Technicians and includes scheduling, time keeping, material tracking, receipt capture, photo documentation, and estimating. 

Clock in to each assigned ticket and easily document repairs and materials used with pre-built libraries complete with corrective descriptions that make it easy to make a professional report, bid or invoice. 

Service technicians complete work orders through Centerpoint Connect, which then sends the information directly to the invoice for the office to send.