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Sales, Service & Production

Manage your clients, leads, and projects at the office or on-the-go.


We have several integrations including accounting software, drone footage, sales automation, and more on the way thanks to our in-house programming team.

Mobile App

We currently have an app for service techs available in the Google Play Store and App Store. Complete tickets and work online/offline.

Construction CRM

Manage your book of business with a construction-specific hierarchy. Enjoy features like task management, document & photo storage, and more.

Rapid Support

We're available through email, live chat and phone support. Our average first response time (via email) for last year was 6 minutes.

Client Portal

Provide access to your clients and make it easier for them to buy from you.

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Centerpoint Connect is a web-based roofing software application that reaches across all devices to form a fully connected system. From the office to the field, Centerpoint Connect delivers a complete front-end solution for roofing contractors!

Centerpoint Connect offers modules for sales, service, production, and a client portal.

Use our sales module to manage opportunities, track leads, create custom proposals, reports, store documents & photos, & more.

Use our service module to create work orders and pass them to your service crews for completion. Progress is trackable by your customer. Schedule techs, use the mobile app, track labor & materials, invoicing, and access accounting integrations

Use our production module to manage projects daily and share progress updates automatically with your customers. Store project files/notes, handoff projects, schedule, and provide daily progress reports

With Centerpoint Connect Roofing Software, your clients will be able to access you through your custom-branded client portal! Make it easy for them to buy from you and access their data. Through the client portal they can create work orders, view inspection results, budget for projects, review warranty information,, generate reports & more.

You need to implement and organize systems to keep your entire company as well as clients on the same page. Software can help improve the collaboration and communication within your team. A roofing-specific CRM lets you communicate well with your whole team anywhere you are, anytime. This can help avoid future problems, mistakes, or confusion regarding the tasks and assignments. Ifyou want to improve the communication and collaboration within your team or business, we highly recommend using Centerpoint Connect’s roofing software. It has many features aside from improving the communication without your company.

Find out the additional features and capabilities of our construction software today!

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Centerpoint can be used on any device with an internet connection. This could be any computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

The roofing app for service technicians is available in the Google Play Store as well as the App store for phones/ipads/tablets.

Utilize a workflow of stages that ensure you don’t let any leads or jobs fall through the cracks.  Our unique roofing CRM will help you figure out the best course of action.

Tag and Mention Your Leads, Clients, and Employees with Ease

Tag users with notes and send alerts to your team. Alerts will contain a link back to the job folder within the system. You will never be out of the loop with your roofing leads.

Bulk Drop Job Photos

Job photos are linked specifically to the job and can be used to generate reports. Give your customers updates and footage of the work that you are doing or needs to be done with our roofing software.

Build a Bid

Create robust bids or documents that automatically fill out the information you have inside the system. We make sure you’re providing the most competitive bid so you can maximize the best service options you can.

Include Job Photos

While building your bid, access this job’s photos to make the bid more job-specific to your customer. Give your potential customers the confirmation that you did your job in a fair, transparent, and open manner.

E-Sign Functionality

Send your bid electronically for the client’s signature. When signed, the saved document will automatically attach to the job folder. Make it easier for you to project manage!

A construction project management software is a contractor app where your entire team can update and keep track of every project together. No one is left behind when you choose Centerpoint Connect contractor software! Both the field and office teams can keep up with the ongoing projects, monitor their progress, manage resources better, and communicate with each other. 

There are numerous contractor apps in the market. But not all of them are designed and programmed equally. Each app for contractor offers different features such as our construction project management software. Take a closer look at Centerpoint Connect contractor software and try it out yourself!

Mobile Access

You can access our construction project management software using your phones, tablets, and computers, making it very convenient for you and your whole team. Talk to your team and be updated anywhere and anytime with our contractor software.

Track Progress Daily

Add notes, documents, and reports in one place here at the contractor app. You can even upload before and after photos to showcase your project’s progress. It also shows the percentage of work done daily and what the changes are all in one place.

Manage Gantt Charts

This construction project management software allows you to manage Gantt charts quickly and easily to show what projects are coming up or active, who is assigned, the project schedule, and what crew is on it. 

Manage Time

Crews can easily access the projects, communicate, and punch in those who are on the job. Timekeeping also supports cost codes to determine the type of labor worked on each job. This is an effective way to manage your time and resources.

Better Communication and Collaboration

Exchange insights and help open the communication channels within your team with this construction software. Open channels of communication can lead to improved collaboration and more efficient workflow.

Always Be On Schedule

Keep track of the progress of each project and estimate when the project will be completed or if you need more time! All the progress reports are updated daily and can help anticipate the time frame.

We currently have over 3,300 roofers/office personnel using our software along with thousands of users from those companies

We pride ourselves on our quick and effective support resources. Our average first response time on inbound emails is 6  minutes. We also are available via phone support and live chat during office hours.

Your training program will be dependent on which software package you purchase.

Typically, we will set up anywhere from 1-5 training sessions (depending on your needs) to break down different segments of the system into digestible and easy-to-learn pieces. Your team will join us live over Zoom (or other streaming programs) as we take you step by step and teach you how to best utilize Centerpoint Connect.

After training, we have a library of videos and resources, and are happy to help any future employees come up to speed.

We have a few options for packages to fit your needs. The starting price is $1,999 for the stand-alone sales module and can go up depending on your package and modules included. This is a one-time fee, not annually, that covers our training and onboarding costs. There is a monthly user-fee per user that is either $40 or $80 depending on the role and access each user needs.

Visit our contact page to set up a Q&A or software demo so we can align you with the right package. You can be starting within days with the software! 

Centerpoint Connect began in 2020 as a means to create one individual system to efficiently manage a roofing company instead of having to connect multiple systems to get things done in the way we wanted them. 

View our YouTube series on founder Will Riley and how Centerpoint Connect came to be!

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