Centerpoint Production Management

Use our production module to manage projects daily and share progress updates automatically with your customers. Handoff projects effectively, store files/notes, schedule, and provide daily progress reports.

What We Offer

Manage projects daily & share progress updates automatically with your customers

GANNTT charts help show your resources so you can pass a job to the next available crew.
Workflows built to give contractors a solid process for passing sold jobs over to production.

Share the job folder with your crew which contains project files, notes, and job photos.

Setup each job uniquely by assigning job tasks, quantities, and hours so they can be consumed directly by the crew each day.

Customize what you want your crew to gather each day on the job.

As the crew works the jobs each day, they have an opportunity to fill out the daily progress report which then pushes a summary email to your distribution list.

Prior to Centerpoint we were using several different software's along with several paper systems. Centerpoint made it possible to replace our paper folders and keep our files organized online. We're also able to keep better track of our leads and ongoing jobs. The team at Centerpoint has also been so friendly and helpful. The team is always very quick to respond to our questions/issues. They work hard to personalize our training and software to match our specific needs.

Alana M. Centerpoint Connect User

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