Making the switch to Centerpoint Connect is seamless when you connect your existing programs

We love Centerpoint! It works with all our systems and they are always improving and making changes so that it just keeps getting better over time.

Current Integrations

Thanks to our designated integration team, new integration options coming soon!

Automate Processes with Ease

Utilize the Zapier integration to automate your sales processes, marketing & outreach processes. There’s several ways to integrate Zapier to your workflow. One of the most popular is connecting it to your contact forms to then push into Centerpoint Connect.

Sync your existing Accounting Platform

Automatically sync things like companies, projects, service tickets & invoices to Quickbooks. Automatically sync things like companies and invoice payments from Quickbooks. Available for Quickbooks Online & Desktop.

Vista Viewpoint
invoice & Track Your Service Jobs

Invoice your service jobs right out of Centerpoint and sync those records with Accounting in real-time. Sync customers, invoices, and payments as the work takes place.

Manage Finances & Accounting

Acumatica is an ERP application. Push data from Centerpoint into Acumatica to help manage finances and accounting! 

Viewpoint Spectrum
Track Accounting Data

Spectrum by Vista is a web-based ERP that allows you to push accounting data from Centerpoint Connect into it. Better track your finances and accounting data with Spectrum! 

Automate your Finances

Cloud-enabled financial tools for companies with multiple entities and multiple locations. It features a multi-currency, multi-lingual interface.

Construction-Based Finance Management

Perform inter-company transactions in General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and even Payroll.

Foundation Software@300x
Custom budgets & Reports to keep you on track

Build easy job budgets with your company’s own job cost structure, and compare project performance against estimated revenue, costs, labor hours, and quantities.

Track time with a custom workflow

Connect employees and automatically sync service time into WorkMax. Easy to use employee time tracking with the power to track the entire workforce.

roofing drone software
Drone Integration

Drone footage has become an invaluable tool in the roofing industry. Many companies are finding drone footage beneficial due to its ability to provide a comprehensive aerial view, increased inspection efficiency and accuracy, time and labor savings, and the ability to document project evidence. Providing 3D footage to your client can also aid in simplifying client communication. 


Together with GSI, Centerpoint Connect Roofing Software is happy to integrate drone footage/3d modeling to its platform.  Adding this type of footage has previously been problematic due to the nature of the files. 3D files typically are quite large which can be difficult to manipulate, store, and share. You can now copy the interactive URL that is provided by the GSI software and paste it into your property’s data, which will house the file within Centerpoint.

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