Centerpoint Connect Roofing Software

Centerpoint Connect is a comprehensive solution that empowers roofers with efficient management of sales teams, service operations, and resources. Gain real-time insights into projects and service calls, track sales activity, and access essential reports on the go. Streamline scheduling, track timecards, and optimize resource allocation. With features like material tracking, team calendar management, and lead/prospect distribution, you’ll have full oversight of your operations and resources. Elevate your roofing business with our intuitive software for enhanced productivity and growth.

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Service Alignment

Service Alignment builds high-performing teams geared toward improving the contracting industry’s sales, service, and lead generation teams. As industries continue to evolve in a consumer-forward direction, the construction industry struggles to keep up. Slow lead times, low-margin, and high-risk projects continue to prevent the industry from moving forward and becoming profitable. Service Alignment’s three services aim to alleviate the stress of scaling your business: MakeLeadsWork, MakeSalesWork, and MakeServiceWork.

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GeoSpatial Integrations

Your go-to source for cutting-edge photogrammetry solutions, transforming how commercial roofers, property managers, building owners, architects, engineers, and general contractors work in the construction industry.Gone are the days of time-consuming and inaccurate modeling, surveying, and data analysis methods. At GSI, we’re all about harnessing the power of photogrammetry – making measurements from photographs – to create reliable, high-resolution 3D models and 2D imagery. Our innovative solutions save you time and money and improve safety and efficiency.