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Streamline Your Business with the Power of Our Roofing CRM Software

Centerpoint Connect streamlines our roofing CRM to make it as quick and intuitive as possible. The powerful and easy-to-use interface makes decision-making run as seamless as possible. Expect the industry’s best when looking at analytics, reporting, trade-specific solutions, and different features. Diagnose issues as accurately and punctually while being extremely efficient as possible. Our roofing CRM provides:

Centerpoint Connect Customer Relationship Manager
Centerpoint Connect Roofing Specific Hierarchy

Roofing Specific Hierarchy

Better organization for Roofing Contractors helps maintain property history by customer.

Task Management

Centerpoint has all the appropriate tools and specialized software so you can delegate and manage responsibilities. Create and manage sales tasks such as phone calls, meetings, drops, roof inspections, roof measures, repair bids, and general “to-do’s.”

Centerpoint Connect Task Management
Centerpoint Connect Document Storage

Documents & Tasks

Our centralized roofing CRM software makes your job a breeze. Each property shows stored contacts, history and notes, documents, tasks, roof inspections, service work orders, sales opportunities, projects, and warranties.

Photo Storage

Bulk upload photos into the property photo gallery which allows you to build your bids and reports with ease.
Centerpoint Connect Photo Storage

Notes & Mentions

Input notes and tag other users which triggers an email to be sent summarizing the note, and providing a quick link to the record inside CP.
Centerpoint Connect Notes & Mentions

More Information

Centerpoint Connect is a construction-based CRM built to match your sales flow. Organize all of your past, present, and future customers and manage exactly where each falls within your sales cycle. Our canvassing roofing CRM helps you reach more people so your business can excel.

Easy to Navigate

Get a clear idea of what you want through our extensive roofing CRM program. Easy-to-navigate roofing contractor CRM software with powerful filters, sorts, customized fields, exports, and more.

Ideal Structure

All of your corporate accounts, companies, contacts, and properties are well-organized and linked—no more fragmented sales data throughout your system. Our roofing CRM software helps you sift through input controls that are consistent, predictable, and easy to use.

Schedule with Ease

Use our roofing CRM to plan out your activities and priorities. Every scheduled sales task is displayed on your system calendar, as well as an option to integrate with your Outlook, Google, or other calendars.

Customized Sales Stages

Enter sales opportunities and track them within custom stages you define within the system. Use Zapier integration to load your opportunities to your email service provider automatically.

Centerpoint Connect is the leading all-in-one CRM roofing contractor software designed to manage and streamline every aspect of a roofing business. Discover why more roofing contractors choose Centerpoint Connect than any other roofing CRM software.

Adaptable and Straight-forward Interface

Centerpoint has a consistent and familiar user interface that makes it easy to navigate. The layout and design help facilitate efficiency, so you’re not worrying about the next step. We direct the attention on what’s important so you can properly strategize which items you need on your interface. With our roofing CRM you can:

  • Utilize a clear and concise system that helps empower your jobs
  • Understand information easier
  • Communicate your ideas faster

Other Roofing Customer Service:

  • Hard-to-understand interface
  • Paywall or other applications to access more features
  • Not developed for clarity

Roofing Software That’s Built For Your Business to Succeed

Elevate the function of your business and transform your program into a brand that people can trust. Our roofing CRM helps redefine the success of your brand. The flexibility of our roofing software complements the shifting aspects of field and administration work. Our roofing software is great for:

  • Roofing contractors that need a robust program that can do it all
  • Providing the option to do your job remotely or from different locations
  • The collaboration between you, your team, and your client

Other Roofing CRMs:

  • Might not have all the necessary things to monitor your business correctly
  • Can’t operate multiple locations
  • Can’t collaborate seamlessly between necessary people

Count on Our Roofing CRM to Bring You the Results You Deserve

Centerpoint has roofing software that you can always rely on. Our program is constantly evolving to match the demand of roofing contractors. If you ever need roofing leads, our CRM can help you gain access to advanced marketing solutions. Centerpoint is designed to deliver performance and improve business outcomes for better decisions.

  • Updated to provide the latest products and features to make your job easier
  • Keeps your information secure
  • Our roofing CRM provides you with all the tools to succeed

Other Roofing CRM:

  • Have limited tools and features that note few updates
  • It might have restrictions that will compromise the integrity of your business
  • Provide limited support options or need to get paid at an additional cost

Discover the power of our roofing CRM. Centerpoint combines your favourite apps and tools into one place. We utilize the latest in roofing software and automation so that you can get the most out of your job.

If you’re curious about our services and what our roofing software offers, book a consultation today! If roofing leads are what you want, get to know why contractors trust Centerpoint’s CRM roofing software. If you already have an account with us, visit our Center Point login.

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management,” which is software that helps your business keep track of both the front- and back-end responsibilities. It is a built-in, all-in-one application that combines your favourite apps into one place so you can successfully organize your business. In essence, it:

  • Connects all of your sales leads and customers’ data
  • Performs communication duties between you, clients, employees, and partners
  • Has software that performs job specific duties

It is a specialized version of a CRM that deals with roofing companies. Roofing CRM consists of different tools and applications that help propose and organize analytics so that you can take the best course of action. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Keep track of your business’s regular daily functions
  • Find roofing leads
  • Track your sales
  • Lets you plan accordingly
  • Ensures customer satisfaction and relationships
  • Schedule appointments, meetings, and day-to-day activities
  • Starts work orders

CRM software is all about automation. It does the same job as other applications to collect campaign data and streamline and automate marketing. The roofing software gathers specific information from different demographics and collects it. It also helps streamline your leads to which potential client works best for your company. That way, you can focus all your energy and determine your roofing lead’s readiness.

Roofing CRM software is often game-changing. It has powerful insights into your company’s analytics, market trends, and specific personalizations. You can test out different options quickly without restructuring your whole brand. Here are ways that CRM roofing works:

  • Provides insights on business patterns
  • Creates suggestions on personalized ideas that can increase sales
  • Test improvements on your business easily
  • Increase the possibility of finding the right roofing lead
  • Lets you allocate resources elsewhere

 If you’ve never seen roofing CRM software in action, we suggest booking a free demo today! We want to help your business evolve so you can become the standard in your market. If you feel like our roofing software is what you need, then create an account and sign in to our Center Point Login so we can get started.

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