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Develop Increased Interest in Your Business With Our Roofing Leads Management Software

Acquire potential customers and expand your business with the roofing leads software that Centerpoint Connect has. Manage prospective clients easily and create consumer interest in your service. We capture the essence of your business so you can accurately show what you are capable of.

Centerpoint Connect Sales Management
Centerpoint Connect Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking

Never Miss Another Opportunity By Keeping Track of All Your Roofing Leads

Finding roofing leads for your business is difficult because of the high level of competition with other roofing companies and contractors. But with Centerpoint Connect Roofing Leads Management Software, you will never miss an opportunity with our lead generation feature! 

Our leads management roofing software has a lead tracking feature where you see all the roofing leads available in your area, near your location, or within your city. Once you see and choose the roofing leads you can work on, you can share or pass them to your account manager or sales representative to take action. Through this roofing leads management software, you can monitor and track the stages that the roofing leads are in during the process.

Opportunity Workflow

Nurture Your Roofing Leads to Create an Efficient and Effective Workflow for Your Business Growth

Roofing businesses and contractors need opportunities to grow. And opportunities start from looking for roofing leads and winning the bid for them. After getting the bid, you have to have an effective roofing workflow for your roofing leads. If you have Centerpoint Connect Roofing Leads Management Software, you can use its built-in features which create a smooth and effective workflow to give your bid more backing, effectiveness, and appeal to clients.

The seamless workflow you get from this roofing leads management app is a great way to incorporate different departments and get their insights. Through this workflow, your roofing leads can become a new project or service to finish.

Centerpoint Connect Opportunity Workflow
Centerpoint Connect Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections

Setup, Perform, and Complete Real-Time Roofing Inspections to Attract More Roofing Leads

To make your bids more appealing, include photographs, facts, and information can help you construct a better and more convincing proposal. You can do this with comprehensive roof inspections! With Centerpoint Connect Roofing Leads Management Software, you can set up and complete a roofing inspection while you are still on the roof of the property. You can conveniently input all the necessary data regarding the repairs it needs while taking photos and videos to create an in-depth solution report. This will strengthen your bid.


Save Time and Create an Effective Roof Replacement Proposal to Win More Roofing Leads

Building and developing successful proposals is a complex, time-consuming, and challenging task. But with the help of Centerpoint Connect Roofing Leads Management Software and its smart templates, you can effortlessly create proposals or other documents to give your bids a competitive advantage over other roofing businesses and contractors. Time is essential, especially if you are managing your own business. Your time can be better spent looking for roofing leads, creating proposals, and completing roofing projects to grow your roofing business and provide stable employment to your team. 

Centerpoint Connect Repair Estimates

Repair Estimates

Provide Repair Estimates Quickly to Attract Roofing Leads and Urge Them to Choose You

Providing repair estimates based on the roof inspections you made is necessary to strengthen your bid. However, creating tempting repair estimates that will pay for the people required for the project while still earning a profit is challenging. Centerpoint Connect Roofing Leads Management Software helps generate repair estimates accurately and makes it easier for clients to buy from you. Create repair estimates in seconds with our lead roofing software. 

Save time computing all the repair costs and adding your profit to make proposals quickly and win more bids for your roofing business.

Sales Reporting

Manage an Effective Sales Team for More Roofing Leads with Detailed Sales Reporting

Managing and checking sales reports is time-consuming and tedious. Using our Roofing Leads Management Software’s automatic sale reporting function, you and your sales team can easily manage all sales reports and profits. It automatically generates all the sales reports from your team as they work on jobs. As the owner or sales manager, you can quickly review all data from the sales reports and use them to improve workflow and increase the effectiveness of your sales team.

To help your roofing business grow, you need the right tools. With Centerpoint Connect Roofing Leads Management Software, you will have access to all help and tools you need for a successful roofing business all in one place.

Centerpoint Connect Sales Reporting

More Information

Centerpoint is a workflow driven system that takes the initial lead and assigns it to a sales rep. The sales rep then progresses the roofing leads into a quote, and ultimately a job while organizing all the job related activities. This is an important part of increasing sales and profit through managing lead opportunities down your sales pipeline. Our roofing software has built-in features to make this process easy and simple.

Unique to your business, a workflow of stages that ensure you don’t let any leads or jobs fall through the cracks. Our unique roofing CRM will help you figure out the best course of action.

Tag and Mention Your Leads, Clients, and Employees with Ease

Tag users with notes and send alerts to your team. Alerts will contain a link back to the job folder within the system. You will never be out of the loop with your roofing leads.

Bulk Drop Job Photos

Job photos are linked specifically to the job and can be used to generate reports. Give your customers updates and footage of the work that you are doing or needs to be done with our roofing software.

Build a Bid

Create robust bids or documents that automatically fill out the information you have inside the system. We make sure you’re providing the most competitive bid so you can maximize the best service options you can.

Include Job Photos

While building your bid, access this job’s photos to make the bid more job-specific to your customer. Give your potential customers the confirmation that you did your job in a fair, transparent, and open manner.

E-Sign Functionality

Send your bid electronically for the client’s signature. When signed, the saved document will automatically attach to the job folder. Make it easier for you to project manage!

Transform the way you get potential customers to buy into your business. Connect with more individuals with the robust roofing software that Centerpoint boasts. Our dedicated team specializes in contracting the right roofing leads for your business. We optimize the roofing lead price by appointing qualified people to manage all your potential customers and clients. In the end, we want to improve your chances of landing a contract.

Centerpoint helps you target and connect with potential customer leads for roofing. Whether you’re on-site or busy occupied with other projects, we can match your business with those that work best with your services.

Our Service:

  • Links your business with actively searching customers
  • Ensure your business is highly recommended by local and remote contractors
  • Have marketing strategies and software that is optimized for bringing in new clients
  • Provide potential customers with greater insight into how your business operates

Our industry experts at Centerpoint Connect works to develop strategies to keep your business up to date with the latest industry trends. Your roofing leads are a result of initiating techniques that contractors look for. We also optimize your roofing software to accommodate any increase in the demands of your business. Through our service, you can:

  • Gather all the necessary information to ensure we connect you with homeowners you want to connect with
  • Get dedicated services where our team and roofing software becomes a part of your business
  • Provide industry insights that your competitors might not offer

Our roofing software prepares you for the increased volume of roofing leads. It will also provide the durability and longevity to remain on the path to success. Your scalable business will adapt to the situation affected by hardship, natural peaks and troughs in the business cycle, and recession or fundamental change. Our scalability will allow you to:

  • Improve your efficiency
  • Stay on a consistent path toward success
  • Adapt to any circumstance
  • Become a strong competitor in your field
  • Provide the right service for your leads roofing

Our objective is to fulfill your business plans. By providing you with roofing leads that best match your services, we want customer satisfaction to compound. We love to hear from successful businesses that have benefitted from the roofing CRM that we provide. See what our faithful clients have said about our roofing software services. Contact us today and find out what everyone is talking about!

 Roofing leads are the acquisition of potential customers that need roofing services. Leads are found through a variety of marketing techniques that target these 9 steps:

  1. Lead generation: Acquiring leads
  2. Customer Inquiry: Customer responding to your service
  3. Identity Capture: Learn more about the customer
  4. Inquiry Filtering: Background check on the lead
  5. Lead Grading: See how important the customer is relative to your other clients
  6. Lead Distribution: Proper responsibilities delegated to the right teams
  7. Sales Contact: Encouragement of response from potential clients
  8. Lead Nurturing: Convince potential clients to secure a service
  9. Sales Result: When the lead makes a purchase

Building credibility and getting exposure is a tall task in saturated markets. There are plenty of techniques that you can use to optimize your roofing leads. Old-fashioned methods such as canvassing, direct mail, and going to trade shows help demonstrate the capabilities of your services in person. Others, such as reviews, depend on word of mouth and advocates from previous clients. A better alternative exists that allows you to utilize all the best practices!

Centerpoint Connect’s roofing leads management service combines all the best components into one application. If you need leads for roofing, discover our tried and true way to market your business.

 If you want to generate more leads for roofing, you need to give yourself as much exposure. There are plenty of ways that you can do this. Here at Centerpoint, our leads management service provides you with all the necessary steps to ensure you secure a potential client.


As mentioned previously, there are plenty of opportunities for increased workflow. Our services ensure that you’re constantly competing for spots against your competitors. We will also prime your service to potential leads that look for your particular services. It gets you the exposure you need!

Learning marketing strategies brings in the right customer base to your service. It requires more than just practical methods, such as meeting face-to-face. Finding the best roofing business is available at the click of a button. Here are some suggestions that will help you get started:

  • Maximize the amount of face time you can get with potential clients
  • Optimize your website, so it appears higher in search engines
  • Ensure your reviews and testimonials reflect your business-standard
  • Experiment with technology
  • Track market trends and consult your data

Getting roofing leads in this market use a generous amount of techniques to bring customers to your business. Nowadays, business owners employ both traditional and technological methods to light. In terms of traditional means here are some examples:

  • Word-of-mouth
  • Door-to-door
  • Outdoor advertising (signs)
  • Trade shows
  • Print advertising (pamphlets, newspapers, cards)

In terms of getting roofing leads online, here are more examples:

  • Website optimized with SEO
  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Referrals from other websites
  • Online reviews
  • Marketing videos/product testing

There is a lot to consider when you plan to optimize your leads. Before starting, measure different performance issues and how your business generates leads. You can compare using a lead management app.

With Centerpoint Connect, you can utilize its analytics tool to help you realize the potential of leads, see how your landing pages are converting (people responding to your call-to-action), and manage which roofing leads. Create an account or Center Point login today to get started. Our application will generate the best opportunity for you to grow!

Social media is a must nowadays. It’s a fantastic approach to attracting leads. With the enormous presence of people on social media, your business’s marketing campaigns and advertising can easily bring in more traffic. You can host events, create targeted ads, share testimonials, show product demonstrations, and launch special offers. Making your business more attractive and personable will give your company a lasting impression on potential customers.

 Search engine optimization, or SEO, is important for your website to be more visible in search engines. It helps create more traffic and opportunities for your business to get potential leads for roofing. When people find your business on the first page of search engines, they’re more inclined to believe that it holds more authority and trustworthiness in your field. At the end of the day, SEO is meant to increase your business’s visibility, web traffic, page authority, and user experience.

Why pay for a one-dimensional roofing software that will require you to pay for more add-ons to get a better experience? Centerpoint’s lead management roofing software actively identifies the source of leads and monitors where you can potentially gain more. If you want to make the most of your business, you want to ensure that you can secure customers with efficiency and effectiveness. Another component that results from lead management is CRM roofing which streamlines all your leads that convert your call-to-action.

Lead management can deal with all the services you offer in your business. Whether your company works B2B or B2C, lead management nurtures your company to the point where potential customers can have greater trust. Here at Centerpoint, our sales representative will show your leads the ins and outs of your business. It streamlines your potential leads, sifts through to match your leads to specific services, and organizes them in priority.