Construction Project Management Software

Coordinate Every Aspect of Your Business with Our Construction Project Management Software

Centerpoint Connect is the perfect front-end project management solution that all of your project managers, coordinators, supers, estimators, and accounting team can use to be on the same page and update each other. Customized stages enable you to track job progress daily. Get a FREE demo of our construction project management software today!

Centerpoint Connect Production Management
Centerpoint Connect Project Files

Project Files / Notes

Share the job folder with your crew which contains project files, notes, and job photos.

Project Handoff

Workflows built to give contractors a solid process for passing sold jobs over to Production.
Centerpoint Connect Daily Scheduling


GANNTT charts help show your resources so you can pass a job to the next available crew.

Track Schedule of Values

Setup each job uniquely by assigning job tasks, quantities, and hours so they can be consumed directly by the crew each day.
Centerpoint ConnectDaily Track Schedule
Centerpoint ConnectDaily Checklist


Customize what you want your crew to gather each day on the job.

Daily Progress Reporting

As the crew works the jobs each day, they have an opportunity to fill out the daily progress report which then pushes a summary email to your distribution list.
Centerpoint ConnectDaily Progress Reporting

More Information

A construction project management software is a contractor app where your entire team can update and keep track of every project together. No one is left behind when you choose Centerpoint Connect contractor software! Both the field and office teams can keep up with the ongoing projects, monitor their progress, manage resources better, and communicate with each other. 

There are numerous contractor apps in the market. But not all of them are designed and programmed equally. Each app for contractor offers different features such as our construction project management software. Take a closer look at Centerpoint Connect contractor software and try it out yourself!

Mobile Access

You can access our construction project management software using your phones, tablets, and computers, making it very convenient for you and your whole team. Talk to your team and be updated anywhere and anytime with our contractor software.

Track Progress Daily

Add notes, documents, and reports in one place here at the contractor app. You can even upload before and after photos to showcase your project’s progress. It also shows the percentage of work done daily and what the changes are all in one place.

Manage Gantt Charts

This construction project management software allows you to manage Gantt charts quickly and easily to show what projects are coming up or active, who is assigned, the project schedule, and what crew is on it. 

Manage Time

Crews can easily access the projects, communicate, and punch in those who are on the job. Timekeeping also supports cost codes to determine the type of labor worked on each job. This is an effective way to manage your time and resources.

Better Communication and Collaboration

Exchange insights and help open the communication channels within your team with this construction software. Open channels of communication can lead to improved collaboration and more efficient workflow.

Always Be On Schedule

Keep track of the progress of each project and estimate when the project will be completed or if you need more time! All the progress reports are updated daily and can help anticipate the time frame.

300+ Happy Users

Many business owners choose to utilize our construction project management software because of its superb features and simple design. We have over 318 satisfied clients, worldwide. And the number of people and companies utilizing our contractor apps grows by the day!

400+ Total Downloads

Our effective and efficient construction project management software’s user base and total downloads continue to grow. As of today, we have had over 400 downloads of our contractor CRM software. This is only possible because of the useful features and benefits you can get from having our contractor app at your disposal!

Experience and Best Practices

The success of our construction project management software is entirely due to our valued customers and best practice feedback. Our team has decades of Roofing Experience and Software Development, Centerpoint Connect has been developing useful, convenient, and user-friendly construction software that will help your business grow.

4.5+ Star Rated

We work hard to make our contractor app more user-friendly, efficient, helpful, and affordable for the satisfaction of our clients and users. Try our construction apps today and find out why many of our clients and customers are still using our construction project management software today!

In the online market, there are thousands of construction software available for construction project management. But not many are Commercial Roofing Specific. All the features are designed and programmed specifically for a Roofing Business to make your work easier and more convenient. 

We understand the importance of collaboration and being on top of every project. That is why we made sure you and your team and your customers can communicate efficiently using our construction project management software.

Detailed Project Planning

Centerpoint Connect’s construction project management software lets you plan and execute your next project. You can enter all the details of the project, who will be working on the job, and more! All the milestones, tasks, and checklists will also be entered into this construction software. Because of this, you can easily monitor the progress of the project and if it will be done on time. In addition, your crews can easily complete the project tasks and document the progress.

All the progress in each project is updated daily and made shareable which improves the transparency of your company.

Proper Resource Management

Your employees and people are your best asset in making sure each project your company has been done in the fastest and most efficient way. In order to improve your resource management, our construction project management software lets you and your team communicate and collaborate with each other. In addition, you can adjust and edit all your employees’ profiles and assign different tasks and roles for efficient work progress. You can track the tasks your people finish daily and keep track of their work speed.

Your One-Stop Project Management Solution

We understand that it is difficult to run a business and keep up with every project, task, employee, and progress. However, it is necessary to do so! With our construction project management software, you can manage, plan, and monitor all your ongoing and future projects, assign and schedule tasks to your team, and communicate with your whole team anytime and anywhere. Our construction software is your one-stop solution for all your business needs. 

Work the way you are used to while improving your project and resource management with the help of Centerpoint Connect construction project management software! If you use specific tools and applications in your project management, you can integrate these tools and apps with our construction CRM software.  No need to leave and log out, all you have to do is integrate all the tools and apps you are going to use into our software and you are good to go! 

Trying out something new is challenging, especially if there is money involved. Knowing where to invest and spend your money is an important step any business owner should learn. But with Centerpoint Connect construction project management software you can be sure every penny you spend is worth it! We created and designed our contractor app with you in mind!

Centerpoint Connect wants to make your life easier with our excellent and user-friendly contractor software! Give us a call at 619-693-4242 or send us an email at [email protected] today. Let’s grow your business together!

Good project management is important for any business to grow. Here are the benefits of having effective and good project management in place:

  • Save time, effort, and money.
  • Improve communication and collaboration.
  • Make better decisions in running your company and team.
  • Monitor the progress of each project and team member.
  • Appoint people on tasks they specialize in.
  • Point where you and your team need improvement.
  • Allocate your resources better.
  • Create realistic deadlines.

You need construction project management software to help improve the collaboration and communication within your team. A construction CRM software lets you communicate well with your whole team anywhere you are, anytime. This can help avoid future problems, mistakes, or confusion regarding the tasks and assignments. If you want to improve the communication and collaboration within your team or business, we highly recommend using Centerpoint Connect’s construction project management software. It has many features aside from improving the communication without your company. Find out the additional features and capabilities of our construction software today!

Some of the benefits of using a construction project management software are the following:

  • Easy project management including budget allocation and task assignments.
  • Real-time online communication and collaboration with the team.
  • Gantt chart creation for efficient project scheduling.
  • Effective time management.
  • Be updated with the daily progress of all the active and existing projects.
  • Access all the details, files, and documents anywhere, anytime. 
  • Efficient invoice and expense management for quick client billing.

Yes, our construction project management software! We designed our construction software to provide all the necessary features and services to our clients to make their project management more convenient and quicker. We do not stop at monitoring the progress of each project. We also make sure you can communicate with your team seamlessly. You can appoint and assign tasks to all your team members and set deadlines using our construction project management software as well.

Yes, you can use our construction project management software when you provide project management services to companies and/or teams. Project management is a difficult task. It is time-consuming and prone to mistakes, especially if you are new in the industry. But if you use our construction software, you can easily track the progress of each project, create a task list, assign tasks to the right people, schedule tasks, create invoices, and more!

Because of the numerous benefits of a project management software, many industries utilize and use them, including:

  • Education
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Construction
  • Game Development
  • Information Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Agriculture
  • Fashion
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Event Planning
  • Product Management
  • Healthcare
  • Energy

The list goes on and on! Technically speaking, reliable and efficient project management software is used anywhere and everywhere. You can use it in any industry because it helps boost the productivity and efficiency of everyone within a company or team.

Yes, having reliable construction project management software at your disposal can help generate more leads and grow your business in no time! Remember, proper time, capital, and resource management is necessary to finish all your ongoing projects quicker. If you finish the projects ahead or on time, it will make your company look good, improving your reputation in your industry and attracting more clients. By using the communication tools built in your clients see your professional skills that lead to more jobs!

Yes, you can set up any large project and enter your total square footage and break the job down to measure different components for example: Total square footage and hours for washing the roof, total square footage and hours for first layer of coating, etc. These job components are consumable by your project manager on the job and while documenting their day of work through our mobile app, you will have real-time visibility on % complete and job cost information.  

Yes, we designed our construction project management software to be very user-friendly and straightforward. You can manage your construction projects anywhere you are, anytime using your computer, phones, and/or tablets. All you need to do is open the app on your device, look for the project you need, and enter a new day of work. You can also add notes, files, and documents to each project without encountering any difficulties and problems.

We designed our construction project management software to be user-friendly so that everyone, techy or not, can use it. You can easily learn how to use our construction software in just a few minutes. You can also schedule a FREE demo to understand how our project management software works. This demo will only take a few minutes of your time and includes demos for CRM, Lead Management, Roof Inspections, and Service Management.

Give us a call at 619-693-4242 or send us an email at [email protected] to schedule a demo with us!