8 Salesperson’s traits that help you close or lose a sale

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Buyers Insights Can Lead to Sales – 8 Salesperson’s traits that help you close or lose a sale

Buyers make purchasing decisions of a product or service based upon a salesperson’s traits.  The following is a summary salespersons traits:  

Honesty – Truth always and at all costs.  Be credible.  If an expedient lie is told, you will be caught.  Most likely, the purchaser will not use you again.

Respect – Be courteous and on time.  Bad manners:  Being late, interrupting, having a poor attitude and an inability to listen are traits that lose business.

Friendliness Icon Friendliness – Build a level of comfort and trust.  Being rude, aloof, or condescending does not lead to a successful business partnership.

Valuable Solutions – If suggestions or ideas are presented to make the business better or solve a problem, you’ll be a hero (heroine) and a valuable resource.  If you only function as an order taker or pressure about deadlines, you are not providing any real value.

Understand and be Interested in the Client’s Business – If you show an interest in the Client’s business and spend time to be educated by the Client, you will be better equipped to offer solutions to the Client’s needs.  If you illustrate a lack of understanding of the Client’s position, job pressures or business, you will not be making their job any easier.

Be an Expert – Be able to answer questions about products and services.  Know and understand the details.  If you provide misleading or incorrect information, you may be speaking to a client that has researched our services before your visit or is familiar with our industry.

Take Responsibility – Handle issues as they occur and own up to mistakes if any are made.  If you shift blame onto others or fail to keep your promises, your integrity with the Client suffers.

Red XThe worst offense was Manipulation.  The client may not know exactly how they are being manipulated, but they can sense it.  They won’t be able to trust you and you haven’t gained their loyalty.