Roofing Contractor Growth Through Changing the Discussion

Client communication

Roofing Contractor Growth Through Changing the Discussion Change the discussion from leak repairs to roof management for growth. Convince Customers to Spend More now to be Happy Later…. It’s easy to focus on the minimum a customer must have – because of sensitivity to price. We know the customer is thinking about price, so we […]

Exceptional Service

Roofing customer service

Tips for Excellent Customer Service Define what extraordinary really means…. Knowing what exceptional service entails is essential to establishing the procedures and the mindset with which to achieve it.  What does extraordinary mean to you?  Keeping appointments…saying please and thank you…. a clean shiny truck…. uniformed service crews…. Ask if you’re not sure…. If you […]

Develop a Clear Message for Roofing Contractor Growth

Develop a Clear Message for Roofing Contractor Growth Q: “What’s your secret to being a top seller?”  A: “Great customers”, she responded. Q: “How do you get great customers?”  A: “Phenomenal customer service”, she replied. Q: “How do you provide phenomenal customer service?” A: “Listening”. Q: “What are you listening for?” A: “Their specific needs.” […]

Roofing Contractor Growth Through an Account Management Model

The key to growing a roofing company is a mindset change and not necessarily an infrastructure change.  Instead of managing the work – manage the account.  Each Client, each portfolio, each site, each phone call, each report, each proposal, each contract, each invoice is important.  Taking the time to develop a relationship and exceed the […]

The Extra Mile and Competitive Edge

How roofers can go the extra mile

The Extra Mile and Competitive Edge Have you ever heard the phrase, “they went the extra mile”? The extra mile is an action or an expression that sparks a “WOW!” in the mind of a customer or a co-worker.  It is an unexpected deed.  But before an extra mile is ever walked, it must be […]

A Service Culture

Roofing service culture

A Service Culture Service does not refer to a section of a roofing contractor, a department, a leak call, or a roof tech. Service refers to meeting the requirements of your clients.  Doing what you promise. Being a solution provider for every client, on every job site and in every situation. Your relationships with each […]