7 Steps on How to Handle Conflict/Difficult Conversations

7 Steps on How to Handle Conflict/Difficult Conversations 1.You don’t have to have all the answers.  It’s OK to say, “I don’t know”.  If you can find out the answer, say you will and give the person a time frame to get back to them.  If you know who is “in-the-know” tell them who needs […]

A New Dimension in Business: Drone Technology Meets Centerpoint Connect

A New Dimension in Business Drone Technology Meets Centerpoint Connect Together with GSI, Centerpoint Connect Roofing Software is happy to integrate drone footage/3d modeling to its platform.  Drone footage has become an invaluable tool in the roofing industry. Many companies are finding drone footage beneficial due to its ability to provide a comprehensive aerial view, […]

Roofing Contractor Growth Through Changing the Discussion

Client communication

Roofing Contractor Growth Through Changing the Discussion Change the discussion from leak repairs to roof management for growth. Convince Customers to Spend More now to be Happy Later…. It’s easy to focus on the minimum a customer must have – because of sensitivity to price. We know the customer is thinking about price, so we […]

Exceptional Service

Roofing customer service

Tips for Excellent Customer Service Define what extraordinary really means…. Knowing what exceptional service entails is essential to establishing the procedures and the mindset with which to achieve it.  What does extraordinary mean to you?  Keeping appointments…saying please and thank you…. a clean shiny truck…. uniformed service crews…. Ask if you’re not sure…. If you […]

Develop a Clear Message for Roofing Contractor Growth

Develop a Clear Message for Roofing Contractor Growth Q: “What’s your secret to being a top seller?”  A: “Great customers”, she responded. Q: “How do you get great customers?”  A: “Phenomenal customer service”, she replied. Q: “How do you provide phenomenal customer service?” A: “Listening”. Q: “What are you listening for?” A: “Their specific needs.” […]

Roofing Contractor Growth Through an Account Management Model

The key to growing a roofing company is a mindset change and not necessarily an infrastructure change.  Instead of managing the work – manage the account.  Each Client, each portfolio, each site, each phone call, each report, each proposal, each contract, each invoice is important.  Taking the time to develop a relationship and exceed the […]

Managing and Protecting Your Brand

Roofing brand building

Managing and Protecting Your Brand Your brand is your reputation. Each one of your team members has an impact on your brand. What you do and don’t do each day impacts how you are depicted in the marketplace. How do you protect your image? • Display a consistent look – Logos on trucks, team members, […]

Prospect Personality – When Your Prospect Buys

Prospect Personality – When Your Prospect Buys There are 4 types of Buying Personalities.  You may have one or all 4 depending on the product.  Price, availability, use, and other factors impact the personality of the buyer for a particular purchase.  Understanding the prospects’ personality is important to developing a sales plan, tactics and presentation […]

Roof Asset Management

Roof asset management

Roof Asset Management Clients want their vendors to provide field services with prompt response times, quality work, creative solutions to problems and excellent communication.  Customers want efficient ways to send and receive information – often paperless and in real time. It is not enough to inspect the roof, make recommendations and perform the maintenance repairs.  […]

Building Your Brand

Build your brand roofing

Building Your Brand Everyone wants a great brand.  How do you build a better brand?  A brand consists of recognition of reputation in a market.  How do you build your reputation? Quality of product Availability of product Ease of doing business  Friendliness and helpfulness of everyone who interacts with the Customer. Continuous improvement The best […]

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for a Roofing Contractor and Their Customers

Wet floors roof leak commercial service roofer

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for a Roofing Contractor and Their Customers   The vision of a successful Roofing Service Department is to have the ability to consistently meet and manage Client expectations on emergency leak requests, small scope repairs, and Preventive Maintenance programs.  Roofing software assists in keeping you organized and efficient. Preventive Maintenance programs […]

The Extra Mile and Competitive Edge

How roofers can go the extra mile

The Extra Mile and Competitive Edge Have you ever heard the phrase, “they went the extra mile”? The extra mile is an action or an expression that sparks a “WOW!” in the mind of a customer or a co-worker.  It is an unexpected deed.  But before an extra mile is ever walked, it must be […]

A Service Culture

Roofing service culture

A Service Culture Service does not refer to a section of a roofing contractor, a department, a leak call, or a roof tech. Service refers to meeting the requirements of your clients.  Doing what you promise. Being a solution provider for every client, on every job site and in every situation. Your relationships with each […]

A Remarkable Service Experience

A remarkable customer service experience

  The opposite of “remarkable” is “very good”.  Most would believe that the opposite of “remarkable” is “bad” or “mediocre” or “poorly done” … If you travel by plane and arrive at your destination safely, you don’t tell anyone.  That’s what’s supposed to happen.  What makes the trip remarkable is if the service is unexpected, […]

How To Avoid A Recession As A Roofing Contractor

How to avoid a recession as a roofing contractor

Here at Centerpoint we work with hundreds of Roofing Contractors across the US and Canada and get to learn about their businesses. Much of what we offer is outside software, its sharing best practices learned along the way. One of the biggest things a contractor can do to create a recession proof roofing company is […]

How to Choose the Best Commercial Roofing Software for Your Business

Best Commercial Roofing Software

Choosing the best commercial roofing software for your business is an important decision. Not only does it mean selecting the right tool for your specific needs, it also means taking into account the various features, prices, and customer support options available. With the right software, you can streamline operations, improve customer service, and maximize profits. […]

6 Essential Software Needs for Roofing Companies

roofing software system

The roofing industry deals with many moving parts, from creating estimates to schedule work orders, documenting jobs, tracking job progress, communicating with workers and clients to create an efficient schedule, and the list just goes on. In today’s modern day world, utilizing roofing software companies and roofing applications is key to maintaining an efficient business […]

What is a Roofing CRM?

What is a Roofing CRM?

A traditional CRM Stand for Customer Relationship Management, which is largely used to track your interactions with prospects and customers. CRM’s have grown over the years to adopt many features, but much has fallen short when it comes to a Commercial Roofing CRM. Benefits and features certainly vary from software providers, but in general, a […]

Best Roofing Scheduling Software

best roofing scheduling-software

Roofing services such as leak response, roof repairs, and maintenance are arguably the fastest growing segment within the commercial roofing industry. Roofing service and repairs have helped many contractors, as it has been critical to many, to sustain business during the most recent pandemic. During this pandemic, we have been shown that providing the service […]

Why Do We Need More than a Roofing CRM?

roofing crm

There are many softwares on the market and available to Roofing Contractors, many of which are CRM’s and not necessarily a roofing CRM. In addition to CRM’s, needed software examples for Roofing Contractors are Lead Development, Project Management, Work order management, Estimating, Photo Management, etc. When there are multiple software systems it makes it difficult […]