Selling More than Price

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Selling More than Price Have you ever been low bid and didn’t get the job?  It doesn’t seem right. How did it happen?  What can you do to avoid that in the future?  Bidding more and more jobs will not guarantee a steady flow of profitable work in today’s competitive market. When a client doesn’t […]

Selling Skills – How to Open a Call

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Selling Skills – How to Open a Call When it is time to make a sales call, what is the best way to begin?  Some techniques to open a call are the following: Open Probes Purpose Statements General Benefit Statements Open Probes:  Open probes are particularly useful in situations where you feel the customer will […]

Selling Tips – Enthusiastic Attitude

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Selling Tips – Enthusiastic Attitude There is no substitute for enthusiasm.  When the members of a team are enthusiastic, the whole team becomes highly energized.  And that energy produces power.   Have you ever noticed the difference passion makes?  How many dispassionate successes have you met?  How many high achievers lack enthusiasm?  How many great leaders […]

Stop Complaining

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Stop Complaining “How’s business?” one attendee asked another at a networking event.    “This (fill in the blank – weather, economy, regulation, manufacturer inventory, flu) is killing us. We’ve got projects delayed right and left and trying to get prospects to close anything isn’t happening — things need to turn around fast.”    The person […]

Stumbling Blocks on the Road to Success

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Stumbling Blocks on the Road to Success What’s getting in the way?  You are…. The stumbling blocks on the road to success are of your own creation. Recognize any of them? Wishing and wanting.  Do you have a written list of goals?  Those who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.  Get […]

Upsell Effectively

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Upsell Effectively How many times have your ordered fries just because the server asked, “would you like fries with it?”  How about asking your client if they would like: Gutters with that, along with some downspouts? Skylight Protective covers with that? Roof Hatch Safety Rail with that? Preventive Maintenance with that? Client Portal access with […]

About Overselling 

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About Overselling  In the movie, Jerry Maguire, TomCruise reaches an epiphany which he must share with Renee’ Zellweger. After his LONG spiel Renee’ interrupts him saying, “Shut up. Just shut up….You had me at hello. You had me at hello.” Do you know when to shut up?  How often do you oversell?  Can you read […]

8 Salesperson’s traits that help you close or lose a sale

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Buyers Insights Can Lead to Sales – 8 Salesperson’s traits that help you close or lose a sale Buyers make purchasing decisions of a product or service based upon a salesperson’s traits.  The following is a summary salespersons traits:   Honesty – Truth always and at all costs.  Be credible.  If an expedient lie is told, […]

Selling Skills – Closing

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Selling Skills – Closing When you close, the first step is to summarize those benefits the customer accepted during the call.  In other words, you will summarize ONLY those benefits that the customer agreed were important. Summarizing accepted benefits can be of great value because it considers the listening ability of your customer.  Most people […]

Selling Skills – Probing

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Selling Skills: Probing Probing is the skill of asking questions to gather information and uncover customer needs.  There are two types of probes:  open and closed.  Open probes encourage a customer to respond freely.  The key words that will assist in identifying an open probe include: Key Word Example: Who “Who handles this process for […]

Handling Objection

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Handling Objection Customer objections usually fall into two main categories: Misunderstandings about our product or service due to a lack of information. Drawbacks of our product or service, which exist whenever we are unable to directly satisfy the customer’s dislike or dissatisfaction with our product or service.   Misunderstanding Drawback The customer objects to using […]

Recognizing Customer Attitudes

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Recognizing Customer Attitudes A customer attitude toward our products/services generally falls into one of these four categories: Attitude Example:  😁 Acceptance is a customer statement of agreement with or approval of a benefit.   “It sounds like you cans save us time/money/resources.” “You’re very convincing.  I believe you could help with our budgets.     […]

Handling Skepticism or Indifference


Handling Skepticism or Indifference When a customer questions or doubts that our product will provide the benefit, we say it will, you make a proof statement.  You make a proof statement by citing a proof source.  A proof source is any reference or piece of information that proves the benefit in question.  Below is a […]

Selling Skills: Features and Benefits

Selling Skills: Features and Benefits Selling is a process of uncovering and satisfying customer needs.  In order to do an effective job of satisfying customer needs, it’s important to understand the difference between features and benefits. Feature:  A Characteristic of Our Product or Service Benefit:  The Value of a Feature to a Customer Below is […]

Selling by Satisfying a Need

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Selling Skills:  Selling by Satisfying a Need Selling is a process of uncovering and satisfying customer needs.  When communicating with a Client, we must be able to recognize needs for our product or service. A need is a customer want or desire that can be satisfied by your product or service. The key words that […]

Selling Skills – How to Support

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SELLING SKILLS: How to Support When you support, you acknowledge the customer’s need and introduce the appropriate benefit(s) that will satisfy the need. The first step of a support statement is to acknowledge the customer’s need.  When you acknowledge, you are showing the customer that you consider the need to be important.  You do this […]

Would You Buy from You?

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Would You Buy from You? The Greek philosopher Socrates said: “The life that is unexamined is not worth living”.   Similarly, English historian Thomas Carlyle said: “What we have done is the only mirror by which we can see what we are”. One of the very best ways to assess your effectiveness in handling customers […]

Why Nobody Calls You Back

Why Nobody Calls You Back Calling someone you don’t know is difficult. If you’re like most people, you agonize over what to say for an eternity before you finally pick up the phone. Then, instead of getting a human being on the line, you end up having to leave a voicemail message. And nobody calls […]

Roof Inspections and Formal Roof Care Programs

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Roof Inspections and Formal Roof Care Programs A formal roof care program assists a roofing contractor with keeping client relationships.  Through roof care programs, a company will offer life cycle care of roofing and building assets so those assets provide service for their intended design life. Roof Management moves customers from “leak management” to “asset […]