Objection:  You Cannot Get a Tech On-Site When We Need It

Speeding up service levels (4 hours, that evening, same day, next day, two days) may be achievable.  There may be a cost associated with expedited service.  The question is, is that really what the client wants?  And are they willing to give up more funds to have it provided.  Start a conversation with the following points: 

  1. What has been the average ETA in the past?
  2. Are there competitors that can provide a faster ETA?
  3. What are the implications for the client if the ETA is not made in the timeframe suggested?

Customer: “I’m concerned you can’t get a tech on-site when we need it.”

Salesperson: “You mentioned earlier that in the past you’ve had better ETAs from us.  Is that right?”

Customer: “Yes.  We expect the tech on site within our service level agreements.  4 hours, 2 days or one week according to the timeframe on our work order.”

Salesperson:  “I see.  And as I understand it, your reason for choosing us is that we’re able to be on site faster than firms X, Y, and Z.  Correct?”

Customer: “Right.  But now if you’re taking 5 to 10 days to be on site for any work order.  We’ll have to reconsider our decision.”

Salesperson: “Would you tell me, are there particular times of year that service level agreements are more important.”

Customer: “I’d say during the holiday season, from October through the second week of January, is when it’s most important.”

Salesperson: “If we were able to speed up our ETAs and service levels during that time, could you accept a longer service level during May through August?”

Customer: “Yes.  We could do that if there was a price break for rate per hour for those work orders that did not meet our service level agreements.”

Salesperson: “So would you tell me what’s more important during the holiday season: price or how fast we can be on site?”

Customer: “I’d say how fast you are on site is paramount.”


With this information, you have a framework to negotiate.  *In real life, more information is required such as:  service level agreement schedule, balance between meeting ETAs and price.

The salesperson restates the client’s point several times, asking for confirmation.  


Note:  The salesperson phrases each stage of the conversation in terms of a trade-off:  speeded up ETA implies a higher price.  No reason to give the client something for nothing.

Don’t let the conversation get bogged down in what you provided the client in the past.

Don’t overpromise.  Before you promise something to a client, make sure it’s a promise you can keep.  Often the best thing you can say is, “I’ll get back to you on that.”  You need to collect the information about what your client wants, take it back to your company and discuss the best way to approach it.

Remember:  Making a “bad” sale is worse than making no sale.  Sometimes the best negotiating strategy is to walk away.  If we have a great product and priced accordingly, it will be difficult for a client to replicate it with your competitor.  


Client PersonalityClient AttitudeSales Tactic


  • Part of a flurry of challenges for you
  • Not going to take anything on faith.
  • Want to dominate 100% of the conversation
  • Slow down and determine what is important to them.
  • Keep sentences short and loaded with facts and figures


  • Want to keep bringing the conversation back to what the ETA was in the past and get your agreement to commit to it.
  • As networkers, they want to establish a close connection
  • Keep conversation on point.
  • You need to find out exactly what they want and what can be accomplished


  • Difficult to provide an opinion
  • Patience
  • Keep coming back over and over again the issue to their needs.
  • Make it clear that you want to solve the problem


  • Unresponsive
  • Question everything you bring up.
  • Why? Why? Why?
  • Don’t overpromise.
  • Provide data and facts


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