Top 5 Professional Services to be Offered by a Roofing Contractor

Clients buy and sell properties or begin managing a new property. During times of transition, data of
roof conditions are required to assess the value of their assets. Clients need to have access to their roof
data where and when they want it to make decisions and act quickly.

Performance: These products are based upon a planned event and planned services. The service
required is to provide roof data to a client.

• Ease of Access – On-Line through Centerpoint Connects Client Portal.
• Ease of Use – Ability to intuitively understand the Centerpoint Connects client portal with little
• Dynamic Reporting – Conditions change at a property (Repair Estimate Completed data is
available to the Client and is no longer “open” on their budgets as an Expenditure) – Custom
• Detailed Accurate Reports. Ability to “Drill Down” to see additional data.
• Standardized Reports – Data is in the same location of the report for every facility. The same
verbiage/terminology is used.
• Database for all the Client’s roofing work.
• History of Capital Projects
• History of Expenditures – Work Orders/Dispatches/Repairs
• Budgets for Expenses
• Budgets for Capital Projects
• Warranty data for roofs installed “by others” can be entered into the database for Client’s use to
be able to go to one location (YOURS) to look at the roof data.

Reliability: Scheduled work. Reliable due to the standardization of the products through Centerpoint
Connect. The client’s data is updated in the portal as work is performed in the field and office.

Conformance: Product is the data. Real data / Real time. Product will meet specifications if done
through Centerpoint Connect (standardized) and done according to Client’s timeline.
Durability: How relative and current the data is determines the life cycle of the product. If the data is
old or not thorough the product doesn’t have a “shelf life”.

Serviceability: Capacity will not be an issue because the data is scalable – the capacity issue may be the
timeliness of the data. It is important to ensure that this reporting does not always take the “back
burner” to emergencies.

Esthetics: The product is subjective in the fact the portal is standardized. You include specific Client
requirements (for example: HVAC photos of rooftop equipment with serial numbers or any other
specific Client request).

Perceived Quality: Pricing is created by specific product and Client request (scope of work).

Professional Service Products are the following:
1. Client Portal – The Client is able to view their data through Centerpoint Connect. The portal is
secured by Client and Facility through a Client email address and password. One Client is unable
to view another Client’s data. Inside a Client’s organization a Client cannot view a facility that
he/she does not have access to.
o Special Features:
• Available 24/7/365 through any Internet Connection or Devise.
• Secure
• Reliable
• Data Accessible: Dispatches, Invoices, Inspections, Budgets and History of
• PRICING: Added Value

2. Roof Asset Management (RAM) – Roof Asset Management are the reports and the data
provided by your organization on every facility that you service. Clients access RAM reports
through automated reporting tools available through the Client Portal. The amount of data that
you capture and the number of facilities you service is key to the quality of the data that the
Client views. If you service a handful of properties and the Client has a large portfolio, you can
demonstrate to them the functionalities of the tool to gain additional opportunities on other
  • Special Features:
• Decision-Making Tool.
• Customizable Reports.
• Ability to Sort Data by Roof Section “Grade” and many other factors. The data
may be downloaded into Excel for further processing.
• PRICING: Added Value.

3. Roof Survey – A one-time inspection of the roof. The inspection is the same as a PM inspection
except it is a one-time only event where PM programs are annual/semi-annual/quarterly. The
Roof Survey can be done for a fee (suggested), since the Roof Survey entails doing inspections
on every roof area at the site. Otherwise, you are providing to the Client a “free PM Program”.
The price is set according to size of roof, complexity of the roof (hospital, numerous
penetrations/equipment, height, multiple roof levels), sensitivity of location (data center, high
risk exposure, microwave frequencies, ammonia lines), etc. The cost is set according to time
and travel requirements.

4. Warranty Program – The warranty program is the process of securing and inputting warranty
data for roofs that you installed or may have been installed by others. You become a partner in
their portfolio. If you “lose a job” and secure the data and enter it for them into Centerpoint
Connect Software as a warranty, you are providing a value-added service. You collect expiration
dates for warranties and are able to pre-sell re-roofs in the future, where needed – you have
expiration dates for warranted roofs that you didn’t install. The data is entered in Centerpoint
Connect and the warranty is uploaded for viewing by the Client. You are able to view warranty
dates on the screen and sort many different ways or download it.

Another feature of the warranty program is installing a Warranty Placard at the site to assist you
in securing future business. This sign is installed at roof accesses (hatches/doors). As Client
personnel transition out of the company, you visibly remain their “roofer”. If new equipment is
installed on the roof, you are in place to install curbs, pipe boots or any other roof work to
maintain the roof system.

5. Roof Audits (Due Diligence Inspection) – Roof Audits are required by a client when buying or
selling a facility. This report assists in establishing property selling/buying costs and negotiating
reduced funds if roof work is required. Roof Audits require a fee. The reports are
comprehensive and need to be reviewed by additional personnel to ensure that the data is VERY
accurate. You are “on the hook” for the data to be correct. The data needs to be gathered in
Centerpoint Connect for an inspection. The Client may also require specialized forms to be filled
out as part of the process. To provide a client with a fee estimate for this service, the report and
details need to be thoroughly qualified to estimate your costs, exposure and risks.

Professional Services
Selling Points:  BenefitsObjections or Challenges
  • Value Add:  Free Client Portal Access
  • Value Add:  Free RAM Reports 
  • Value Add:  For Construction Projects, 2 year Free Inspections
  • Value Add:  Warranty Data in One Database
  • Roof data history from a leak call to Re-roof construction project for a property in one database.
  • Easy Access to Data through Web Portal – available 24/7/365
  • Consistency  and Timeliness of Reports 
  • Software Down – Centerpoint Connect has a 100% up rate and has duplicity of equipment in different locations throughout the United States.
  • Lack of follow through by the team.
Objection: Price

Objection: Price

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