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Roof Inspections and Formal Roof Care Programs

A formal roof care program assists a roofing contractor with keeping client relationships.  Through roof care programs, a company will offer life cycle care of roofing and building assets so those assets provide service for their intended design life.

Roof Management moves customers from “leak management” to “asset management”, which results in predictive management instead of emergency management.

Roof care programs are a proactive approach to managing roofing assets for client portfolios of properties.   Roof management is a program and a strategy that includes all of your company’s services, such as:  repairing, restoring, maintaining and replacing the client’s assets.

The foundation of Roof Management is regular roof inspections under a Preventive Maintenance Program.

Through regular inspections, you gather valuable data about roofing inventories.  In addition to the data gathered by visual inspection of the roof, core cuts are taken to identify as built conditions and information is gathered from customer files, such as installation date (age of roof), warranty data and repair history.

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Information on each property is continuously refined and added to, through preventive maintenance inspections, maintenance repair visits, industry information and manufacturer data.  The information collected for all properties enables your company to provide predictive maintenance.  Using the entire database of maintenance and repair history, you are in the position to change out components of roofs prior to their creating damaging leaks.  

When you add industry and manufacturer data, you provide a monitoring service for your customers to protect your customer assets and provide notification and solutions in the case of:  project recall, product failures, and system and detail changes.  

Because you are in the business of installing roof systems every day in all types of conditions and climates you are at the forefront when it comes to knowing about products, applications and designs.  You often know early on when something works and when it doesn’t.  

All this information is analyzed and presented to customers through Centerpoint Connect’s client portal and reports to enable your customers to make informed proactive, asset management decisions.  Decisions like how much to budget for capital replacements, how much to budget for repairs and maintenance, how to use an annual budget for each (capital, repairs and maintenance) to benefit the portfolio owner.

The process of managing roofing assets allows your sales representatives to work positively with customers and provide solutions.  Your sales team can schedule annual or quarterly visits with owners armed with the data from Centerpoint Connect’s software to work out strategies such as Replace, Restore, or Repair on all their properties in the client’s portfolio.

Centerpoint Connect Client Portal
Centerpoint Connect Client Portal

Where do we get the data?

There are several sources of data used in Roof Management, they are:

  • Baseline data from inspections and customer files
  • Historical Data from our systems and customer files
  • Condition data from inspections
  • Industry Data from NRCA & publications
  • Field data from our field service and construction frontline experience
  • Manufacturer Data from manufacturer technical representatives
  • Destructive Testing from inspections, core cuts or during repairs
  • Non Destructive Testing from Infrared testing
  • Materials Testing from testing facility
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