Why Nobody Calls You Back

Calling someone you don’t know is difficult. If you’re like most people, you agonize over what to say for an eternity before you finally pick up the phone. Then, instead of getting a human being on the line, you end up having to leave a voicemail message. And nobody calls you back. Never. Ever. 

It can be downright discouraging at times – almost to the point that you even wonder, “Why bother making these calls?” 

It’s easy to blame those rude people on the other end of the line for not getting back to you.  Have you ever considered there might be another factor impacting your ability to get in – like … YOUR message! 

The Corporate Decision Maker’s World
The reality is that people who work for large companies are absolutely swamped. The continuous downsizing has taken its toll.  Everyone has way too much to do and not nearly enough time to get it all done. 

For just a moment, imagine yourself as a decision maker working for a large corporation. It’s 10 o’clock a.m. and you have half an hour between meetings.   This is the only breathing space you have in your whole day, but your boss just requested a report about how you’ll make up for lost time on a big project that has fallen behind schedule. 

Before you read through your email, you check your voicemail and find 14 new messages awaiting you. Quickly you rush through them. When you get to this one, what goes through your mind? 

“Ms. Hope. This is Terry Smith. I’m an account manager from Generic Contractors. We’re a leading provider of top-notch roof solutions for large organizations like yours. For the past four years, Roofing Contractor Top 100 has rated us in the Top 20 Roofing Contractors in the US.  Anyway, the reason that I’m calling is that we’ve recently introduced some exciting new leading-edge capabilities. I’d love to set up a time to find out about your needs in this area and tell you more about Preventive Maintenance.  Please give me a call at your earliest convenience to set up a time when we can get together in the next couple weeks. My number is…Again, this is Jimmy Smith from Generic Contractors.”

As a busy decision maker, are you interested in meeting with this person?  Would you welcome this seller into your office?  Most likely not!  Most decision makers won’t even listen to this whole message.  After 10 seconds, this sales reps message will be deleted. 

What Captures Their Attention?
Corporate decision makers want to hear from sellers who can help them achieve their goals and objectives. To get them to listen to you, focus on the difference you can make.  Forget about being nice or gracious. Just net it out. Get to the point. Be a business professional. 

Also, realize that most corporate decision makers don’t want to switch from what they’re doing today. That creates even more work. So, you have to let them know the value they’ll get from making a change. 

To leave enticing messages, follow these guidelines:

  1. Establish credibility
    In 10 seconds, your prospect needs to feel that you’re a credible resource. Say something substantial. If someone referred you, let your prospect know right away. Share the research you’ve done. Or, best of all, mention a Client project that recently occurred.  “We assisted ____ with ____”. Or “We’re experts in solving  _____.”
  2. Pique their interest.
    Corporate decision makers could care less about your full range of services, your unique methodology or your latest offering. Since all they care about is their own business, that’s what you focus on. Talk about critical issues that they’re experiencing in today’s market. Share a strong customized value proposition. Highlight the impact you can have on their operation. Tell how you’ve helped similar customers achieve quantifiable business results. 
  3. Close with confidence.
    Your voice needs to convey that you know what you do makes a positive impact on their business. Ending with strength, demonstrated by a quiet confidence (not rah-rah enthusiasm), is far more important than you can imagine.
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