Upsell Effectively

How many times have your ordered fries just because the server asked, “would you like fries with it?” 

How about asking your client if they would like:

  • Gutters with that, along with some downspouts?
  • Skylight Protective covers with that?Roofer working
  • Roof Hatch Safety Rail with that?
  • Preventive Maintenance with that?
  • Client Portal access with that?
  • Grease Guards with that?
  • New drain strainers with that?
  • Snow removal with that?
  • Energy Savings analysis with that?
  • Coating solution with that?

Some Do’s and Don’ts

DO:  Speak positively about your company, always. 

Don’t:  Overstate our capabilities.  If a client is looking at traveling to the International Space Station, have them talk to Richard Branson.  

DO:  Set aside a predetermined number of hours each month devoted exclusively to client contact.  Activities can include phone calls, lunches and visits.

DO:  Know your client’s industries.  Know and use their buzz words.  Get their trade journals (google their industry).

DO:  Participate in industry trade seminars.

DO:  Join organizations – as many as possible.

DO:  Know people on development boards.

DO:  Invite clients to see current projects.  

DO:  Be on time for appointments.

DO:  If you see a client’s name or photo favorably publicized, scan it/copy it and send it with a note.