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Would You Buy from You?

The Greek philosopher Socrates said: “The life that is unexamined is not worth living”.   Similarly, English historian Thomas Carlyle said: “What we have done is the only mirror by which we can see what we are”.

One of the very best ways to assess your effectiveness in handling customers is to answer this question: “If you were the customer, would you buy from someone like yourself?”  To find out, see how well you score on the following quiz.

  1. Do you project a straightforward, honest, and sincere image?
  2. Based on your experiences with customers over the past year, from the buyer’s perspective, would you be described as reliable?
  3. Could you say that your customers receive expert service from you – which they may not receive from others?
  4. Do you think that you seem knowledgeable in the eyes of your customers – in the eyes of your competitors?
  5. Do you solve customer’s problems effectively?
  6. Whenever possible, do you handle customer’s complaints/questions/concerns to their satisfaction?
  7. Do you place a high value on personal integrity?
  8. Do customers look to you as a reliable source of service and industry information?
  9. Do you think customers believe you have their best interest and personal welfare at heart?
  10. Would most of your customers still deal with you- even if a competitor wooed them with lower prices?

If you score 8 or more Yes answers, this suggests you’re an asset.  You are aware of what you expect as a customer, and you keep those expectations in mind when you provide service.  If you score less than 8, you need to work on your customer experience skills.