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Top 8 – Roofing Industry Specialty Products

Top 8 – Roofing Industry Specialty Products These products are created based upon OSHA requirements, Tenant requests, and “Add-Ons” (upsells for quoted services). Performance:  These products are based upon a planned event and planned services.   Features:  Different features are attributed to each product. Reliability:  Scheduled work.  Reliable due to the standardization of the products. Conformance:  […]

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A New Dimension in Business: Drone Technology Meets Centerpoint Connect

A New Dimension in Business Drone Technology Meets Centerpoint Connect Together with GSI, Centerpoint Connect Roofing Software is happy to integrate drone footage/3d modeling to its platform.  Drone footage has become an invaluable tool in the roofing industry. Many companies are finding drone footage beneficial due to its ability to provide a comprehensive aerial view, […]

Roofing CRM Software

3 Reasons Contractors Prefer This Roofing CRM Software

Find out why Centerpoint Connect is the contractor’s choice of CRM.. Centerpoint Connect is a web-based roofing software application that reaches across all devices in your company to form a fully connected workflow-based system. Use Centerpoint Connect to organize all of your past, present and future customers and manage exactly where each fall within your […]