6 Essential Software Needs for Roofing Companies

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The roofing industry deals with many moving parts, from creating estimates to schedule work orders, documenting jobs, tracking job progress, communicating with workers and clients to create an efficient schedule, and the list just goes on. In today’s modern day world, utilizing roofing software companies and roofing applications is key to maintaining an efficient business […]

What is a Roofing CRM?

What is a Roofing CRM?

A traditional CRM Stand for Customer Relationship Management, which is largely used to track your interactions with prospects and customers. CRM’s have grown over the years to adopt many features, but much has fallen short when it comes to a Commercial Roofing CRM. Benefits and features certainly vary from software providers, but in general, a […]

Best Roofing CRM Software | What Makes Centerpoint Different?

Roofing CRM Software Providers There are really only a few commercial roofing software companies on the market today and they have been around for over 14 years. It is well known that the older software programs offer many tools for roofing companies to perform their various tasks and they all seem to stem from a […]