Develop a Clear Message for Roofing Contractor Growth

Q: “What’s your secret to being a top seller?” 

A: “Great customers”, she responded.

Q: “How do you get great customers?” 

A: “Phenomenal customer service”, she replied.

Q: “How do you provide phenomenal customer service?”

A: “Listening”.

Q: “What are you listening for?”

A: “Their specific needs.”

A key component of growing your roofing company is listening to your customers and meeting their specific needs.

  • Account Management is a skill that requires listening, not talking.
  • Successful Account Managers follow up consistently and consider sales an ongoing relationship rather than a one-shot deal.
  • Questioning is the foundation upon which Account Management transactions are built.
  • Account Management requires consistently and clearly communicating a unique story and position in the marketplace.
  • Account Managers consider customer objections and questions as an opportunity to solve a problem and clarify the situation rather than an obstacle to a sale.  
  • Account Managers build a relationship instead of looking for a one-time opportunity.  

We over-talk. We think people need to hear our rationale, our excuses, or our insane schedule.

All the Client really wants to know is how you bring them value.  How YOU will solve their problems. That’s it.  Then, you need to make it happen and continue to communicate until the project is completed (not substantially complete – make that complete/complete with warranty in the client’s hands).

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