The key to growing a roofing company is a mindset change and not necessarily an infrastructure change.  Instead of managing the work – manage the account.  Each Client, each portfolio, each site, each phone call, each report, each proposal, each contract, each invoice is important.  Taking the time to develop a relationship and exceed the Client’s expectations is the most important factor.  

One of the simplest methods to convert to an Account Management Model is to leverage technology and utilize Centerpoint Connect roofing software on every site visit.  

Understanding Clients and Asset Management Priority Basics

  • Identify Influencers and Decision Makers
    • Decision Makers may be a group of People instead of an individual.
    • Users:  The people in the company that must work with or use your product.  Such as a maintenance manager.
    • Influencer:  Provide information for evaluating products and suppliers.
    • Gatekeepers:  Control the flow of information that reaches decision makers.  
    • Buyer:  Purchasing Agent/Purchasing Manager.  Negotiate the transaction.  
    • Deciders:  Authority to make a final purchase decision.  
  • Identify Client Business Drivers
  • Identify Needs, Expectations and Pains
  • Understand Customer Goals
  • Understand Competition
  • Understand the Decision-Making Process
  • Organizational Issues.
  • Understand Budget (Budget Implications)
    • Capital vs. Expense (Who Approves?)
  • Enter information in a CRM Designed for Roofing Companies, such as Centerpoint Connect.

Communicate Value to All

Values may be different by the different roles in the organization

  • Centerpoint Connect Roofing Technology – Client Portal, Reports.
  • Budget Matrix. Automated Budgeting.
  • Record Tracking of Being On-Time.
  • Track Record of Amount of Callbacks.
  • Track Records of Locations with Problems
  • Invoices Available for On-Line Viewing through Centerpoint Connect client Portal

Portfolio Discovery and Asset Assessments

  • Obtain a List of Properties
  • Determine a Priority of Servicing Sites
  • Visit One Site as a “Test”
  • Visit Additional Sites as Properties are Released for Your Work.
  • Request Additional Properties to Service.

Implement Collaborative Team

  • Drive the process
  • Involve Proper Personnel and Key Decision Makers
  • Foster Customer Alignment

Develop Solutions

  • Define Customer Engagement Strategy
  • Provide Innovative Solutions
  • Create Value Proposition
  • Quantify Benefits

Solution Delivery and Reporting

  • Executive Summary
  • Dispatches
  • Inspection Reports
  • Proposals, Bids, Estimates
  • Capital And Expense Budgets 

Relationship and Account Management

  • Expand Customer Share
  • Strengthen Relationship
  • Become “Trusted Advisor” Role


Centerpoint Connect roofing software provides Client facing reports delivered with professionalism.

Objection:  I Need to Think About it

Objection: I Need to Think About it

Objection:  I Need to Think About it It’s the ultimate…

Objection:  NO! 

Objection:  NO! 

Objection:  NO!  Customer:  (Objections throughout the discussion) “It’s too expensive.” …

Preserving Company Culture Amid Growth

Preserving Company Culture Amid Growth

Preserving Company Culture Amid Growth Aligning Operations with Customer Perception …