Tips for Excellent Customer Service

  • Define what extraordinary really means…. Knowing what exceptional service entails is essential to establishing the procedures and the mindset with which to achieve it.  What does extraordinary mean to you?  Keeping appointments…saying please and thank you…. a clean shiny truck…. uniformed service crews….
  • Ask if you’re not sure…. If you don’t understand the request, ask for clarification.
  • Allow yourself to be extraordinary…. Allow yourself to shift conditions based upon what may be appropriate for one customer is not appropriate for another.  React to the customer’s needs.
  • Share information…. Don’t keep critical customer information to yourself.  Customer habits, particular needs, interests, and other data need to be shared.
  • Share the commitment…. By building the value of Customer Service into the culture of the organization, exceptional Customer Service is part of each of your efforts every day.
  • Don’t expect magic overnight…. Exceptional service takes time to develop the processes to improve.  It takes time to train everyone in the new way of doing things.  The important factor is to make the internal changes seamless to the Customer.

Expect snafus and react accordingly…. Mistakes will occur.  Apologize for the error, listen, and fix it and you will build a relationship.