Did You Say What I Thought You Said? 7 Keys to Good Communication

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Did You Say What I Thought You Said? 7 Keys to Good Communication

Communication is a key ingredient to working together effectively. Communication is not easy; talking is easy. Communication requires that we listen and speak skillfully, so our message is understood. In our business, we interact with all sorts of people. Some people maybe frustrated or angry, which makes communication  more difficult. So, what is good communication?
To improve your communication…

1. It is a give and take. It is not one-
2. It is listening.
3. It is thorough, accurate, and timely.
4. It is provided in a way that can be
easily understood.
5. It is positive, calm, and supportive.
6. It is follow-through.
7. It is action.

Why is good communication important?
No one is right 100% of the time. Communication provides feedback. Feedback may be required to tweak a vision, policy, or process to make it better.

Change is difficult. Due to your growth (yeah!), stress levels can be high. Communication deals with midcourse adjustments to policy and procedures or “bugs” that the organization must work through. Good communication eases transitions.

Ambiguity may create negativity. Communication assists to maintain a positive collective mind-set. When we are clear on what is relevant in our work life, stress decreases.

Agendas. Most people think agendas are “bad” – such as hidden or manipulative. Agendas are “good” when they are communicated clearly and concisely.

Agendas provide us with a direction for achievement. When shared they become more achievable, since everyone can be on the same page. We can assist each other and understand the demands placed upon and responsibilities of each other, which will make us collaborative instead of combative.