Prospect Personality – When Your Prospect Buys

Prospect Personality – When Your Prospect Buys

There are 4 types of Buying Personalities.  You may have one or all 4 depending on the product.  Price, availability, use, and other factors impact the personality of the buyer for a particular purchase.  Understanding the prospects’ personality is important to developing a sales plan, tactics and presentation of the product.

Price Seekers:

Logical, organized, action oriented.

Sell the facts.

Thinker – Wants a lot of data.

Practical, Reality based.

Likes information and research.

Make an appointment.  Be on time.  Provide proof.

Obstacle:  Gets bogged down in the detail.

Need:  Wants a deal.  Lowest price is Important.

Wants to be Viewed As:  Shrewd Customer.

Buzzwords:  Discount, Lowest Price.


Quality Seekers:

Likes ideas, concepts, and theory.

Intuitive thinker.

Sell the options.

Bold, acts quickly.

Innovation – enjoys change and risk.

Provide Direct, Brief Answers.

Obstacle:  Test it, then see if it works.

Need:  Wants best quality.  Price is secondary.

Wants to be Viewed As:  They are the Best.  They feel special.

Buzzwords:  Performance.


Service Seekers:

Concerned with impact on people.

Feeling, sensing, emotional and sincere.

Sell the service.

Wants to please and serve people.


Emphasize benefits that reduce risk.

Obstacle:  Likes status quo/resists change

Need:  Wants to feel like you care about them.  Problems addressed quickly.

Wants to Be Viewed As:  Significant.

Buzzwords:  Convenience, customer service, warranties.


Satisfaction Seekers

Dreamer, concerned with big picture.

Global, concerned with impact on people.


Innovator, action.  

Little preparation/quick start.

Makes gut decisions.

Likes brainstorming.

Acts impulsively.

Selling idea.  

Offer expert testimonial.

Obstacle:  Likes quick implementation

Need:  Wants sense of belonging.

Wants to Be Viewed As:  Important.

Buzzwords:  Security, status.