Handling Objection

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Handling Objection Customer objections usually fall into two main categories: Misunderstandings about our product or service due to a lack of information. Drawbacks of our product or service, which exist whenever we are unable to directly satisfy the customer’s dislike or dissatisfaction with our product or service.   Misunderstanding Drawback The customer objects to using […]

Recognizing Customer Attitudes

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Recognizing Customer Attitudes A customer attitude toward our products/services generally falls into one of these four categories: Attitude Example:  😁 Acceptance is a customer statement of agreement with or approval of a benefit.   “It sounds like you cans save us time/money/resources.” “You’re very convincing.  I believe you could help with our budgets.     […]

Roof Inspections and Formal Roof Care Programs

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Roof Inspections and Formal Roof Care Programs A formal roof care program assists a roofing contractor with keeping client relationships.  Through roof care programs, a company will offer life cycle care of roofing and building assets so those assets provide service for their intended design life. Roof Management moves customers from “leak management” to “asset […]