The demand to utilize modern day tools and processes is higher than ever in the roofing industry. Smartphones, mobile devices, drones and innovative software programs have become essential assets to any roofing company looking to succeed in modern day business environments. The scope of these technologies ranges and offer drastic benefits to our day to day operations and efforts. Arguably, the single most important piece of technology that a commercial roofing business should implement is a roofing software program that can assist with streamlining business processes. In this article we will discuss 8 key reasonsThat you should consider adopting a program such as commercial roofing software, construction project management software, field software, commercial roofing CRM software or a service management platform.

1. Organization and Access to Data

Being organized is key to growing any business. Nothing is more frustrating than constantly digging through filing cabinets, email inboxes, or spreadsheets during crucial decision-making moments. By utilizing modern day commercial roofing software, you can organize customer lists, sales opportunities, service schedules, production schedules, pictures, invoices, work documentation, communication history and so much more.

This type of crucial business information can be accessed anytime, anywhere via cloud hosting technology. Presentations, proposals, estimates, bids, invoices and decision-making will be fast, efficient, and reliable. Essential information can be shared with, authorized users on a platform, allowing everyone to remain on the same page and have access to the information needed on a daily basis.

2. Better Communication And Collaboration

Roofing software helps improve team communication. This is a constant pain point in many roofing businesses, especially when multiple departments tend not to talk to each other, you have separate systems for sales, service, and production or your team is not as productive at communicating crucial business information.

Roofing software systems help your team communicate and collaborate by capturing all of your roofing data in one central location. If there are questions about a job or customer, everything that you need should be saved or stored within your system. Furthermore, you should have the ability to search from anywhere a job and access the most current information on the project.

3. Improved Insight and Clarity

Lack of effective communication between departments may cause delays and mistakes on projects and service calls. Misunderstandings like this can cause your company to lose not only revenue, but can jeopardize relationships with customers. Having a roofing software can provide a centralized source of information that team members can access anytime.

Team members can view production schedules, service schedules and view the stages of all ongoing projects as well as sales opportunities to be able to stay as informed as possible, in real time.

Proper usage of roofing software programs has brought success to many companies. A roofing software can fully revive your business and lead the way towards success and profitability.

4. Less Human Error

With all the added communication and collaboration with your teams, you may worry that there’s room for error. Errors happen, but with a roofing software program, the likelihood of missing vital information is reduced.

Having a single source of information means that all the vital data is in one place. Since it can be accessed remotely, your teams won’t have to rely on remembering critical information and can focus on doing their jobs to the best of their ability.

5. Optimize Sales Efforts

With a roofing software program, you’ll be able to simplify your sales process, which means you’ll be able to gain more business. Your sales team will be able to close sales quickly and seamlessly, tracking the process all along the way. Some roofing software programs also have inspection applications that allow you to walk through a step by step mobile inspection process and be able to provide a professional roof evaluation report to your client before even coming down off the roof. This level of professionalism helps your business stand out from the competition and win more customers.

6. Improved Accountability

As roofing software programs can improve the communication between your teams, it also improves accountability of team members. Giving your users the ability to log notes about clients and the jobs they’re working on means more visibility over the work they do. This, in turn, means more accountability as your team is responsible for their work.

Initially, getting your team on board with recording everything in a roofing software, CRM may take a bit of work. Once they see how it benefits their roles and simplifies their day to day tasks, they’ll be using it in no time.

7. More Growth Opportunities

Smoother projects mean happier customers and with less manual entry, your business processes can run more efficiently than ever. This is apparent in your reputation, allowing you to win more jobs and gain more customers, all the highest level of service that your business will be renowned for.

In the construction industry, word of mouth is key to gaining more business, so enhancing your company’s reputation in the market will help you grow. Some roofing software programs can also help your sales team use the system’s functionality to identify trends and new opportunities.

8. Higher Margins 

Roofing service software programs provide more accurate invoices and efficient processes. Having a firm grasp of the numbers allows clearer visibility to see the areas that require improvement. Enhancement of systems allows your company to optimize margins by operating as streamlined and efficiently as possible.

Real time service job costing allows you to perform service calls with desirable profit margins, all visible to your team with more transparency than ever before. Having this data readily available ensures that your business is obtaining the margins that you desire and require to take your business to the next level.

The value that roofing software programs bring to your roofing company make the implementation of these programs a no brainer. Centerpoint Connect is the most innovative roofing specific platform on the market. Designed in the heart of a roofing business with solely roofing in mind, Centerpoint has helped countless roofing businesses achieve the desired results that roofing software programs provide. Contact Centerpoint today to schedule a free online consultation and see how your business can begin to recognize these benefits.

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