Develop a Clear Message for Roofing Contractor Growth

Develop a Clear Message for Roofing Contractor Growth Q: “What’s your secret to being a top seller?”  A: “Great customers”, she responded. Q: “How do you get great customers?”  A: “Phenomenal customer service”, she replied. Q: “How do you provide phenomenal customer service?” A: “Listening”. Q: “What are you listening for?” A: “Their specific needs.” […]

Roof asset management

Roof Asset Management

Roof Asset Management Clients want their vendors to provide field services with prompt response times, quality work, creative solutions to problems and excellent communication.  Customers want efficient ways to send and receive information – often paperless and in real time. It is not enough to inspect the roof, make recommendations and perform the maintenance repairs.  […]

Build your brand roofing

Building Your Brand

Building Your Brand Everyone wants a great brand.  How do you build a better brand?  A brand consists of recognition of reputation in a market.  How do you build your reputation? Quality of product Availability of product Ease of doing business  Friendliness and helpfulness of everyone who interacts with the Customer. Continuous improvement The best […]

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Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for a Roofing Contractor and Their Customers

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for a Roofing Contractor and Their Customers   The vision of a successful Roofing Service Department is to have the ability to consistently meet and manage Client expectations on emergency leak requests, small scope repairs, and Preventive Maintenance programs.  Roofing software assists in keeping you organized and efficient. Preventive Maintenance programs […]

Roofing service culture

A Service Culture

A Service Culture Service does not refer to a section of a roofing contractor, a department, a leak call, or a roof tech. Service refers to meeting the requirements of your clients.  Doing what you promise. Being a solution provider for every client, on every job site and in every situation. Your relationships with each […]

A remarkable customer service experience

A Remarkable Service Experience

  The opposite of “remarkable” is “very good”.  Most would believe that the opposite of “remarkable” is “bad” or “mediocre” or “poorly done” … If you travel by plane and arrive at your destination safely, you don’t tell anyone.  That’s what’s supposed to happen.  What makes the trip remarkable is if the service is unexpected, […]

Roofing Service Software

Commercial Roofing Software Service

As 2022 is winding down, contractors begin to look at their business and evaluate improvements that could be made heading into the new year. A massive topic of discussion throughout the commercial roofing industry has been the importance of implementing a Service/Maintenance division. Industry experts such a Chad Westbrook(Sales Alignment), Greg Hayne (Hayne Consulting) and […]